Unitedhealthcare Dental Provider Agreement

Dental Clinical Policies and Dental Coverage Guidelines are developed as needed, regularly checked and updated and may change. They represent a portion of the resources used to support decision-making in UnitedHealthcare coverage. The information contained in these guidelines and guidelines is considered accurate and up-to-date at the time of publication and is provided on the basis of “AS IS”.. In addition, UnitedHealthcare Third parties, including the American Dental Association and other peer organizations, can use tools developed to help us manage dental benefits. These guidelines are intended to be used in the independent clinical judgment of a qualified dentist or other health care provider and are not a practice of dentistry or dental counseling. The appearance of a dental service (z.B. procedure or technology) in the Dental Policy Bulletin does not mean that UnitedHealthcare supports dental performance. In the event of inconsistency or conflict between the information provided in the Dental Policy Update Bulletin and the published directive, the provisions of the published directive are given priority. Join the network: please visit www.uhcprovider.com/en/resource-library/Join-Our-Network.html to receive instructions on submitting a participation application, coverage of dental benefits is defined by the member performance planning document. B, such as a coverage certificate, a performance plan or a description of the summary plan, and applicable laws that may require coverage for a particular service. The performance document specific to each Member State shows the benefits covered, those that are excluded and the restrictions that are subject to them. In the event of a conflict, the member-specific performance plan document replaces these guidelines and guidelines. Effective date: 07.01.2020 – This directive deals with the closure of oroantral fistula, primary closure of sinusoidal perforation, dental reimplantation and/or stabilization of accidentally dered or displaced teeth, surgical repositioning of teeth, bone transplantation for crest preservation, removal and administration of an autologous product based on concentrated blood, sinus enlargement process, salivary gland and sewers.

Applicable rules of procedure: 21210, 21215, 30580, 41899, 42699, D7260, D7261, D7270, D7272, D7290, D7295, D7921, D7951, D7953, D7953, D7979, D7980, D7981, D7982, D7983, D7999. Effective Date: 07.01.2020 – This directive addresses conical beam CT scans (TTS) for routine dental diagnosis. Applicable Codes of Procedure: 70486, 70487, 70488, 76376, 76377, D0364, D0365, D0366, D0367, D0368, D0381, D0382, D0383, D0384, D0391, D0393, D0393, D0393, D0393, D0395. UnitedHealthcare has developed dental coverage guidelines to help us manage the benefits of the dental plan. These guidelines and guidelines are used for informational purposes and are not clinical advice. Treating dentists and other health care providers are solely responsible for determining the care they provide to their patients. Members should always consult their dentist or doctor before making decisions about dental or medical care. Demographic updates: To update or modify your practical information, please send the form “care provider” or “Demographic Chip Information” to www.uhcprovider.com/en/demographics-profiles-attestation/link-my-practice-profile.html effective date: 09.01.2020 – This directive addresses dental care under general anesthesia in an operating room (OR) or ambulatory operations centre (ASC). Effective Date: 02.01.2020 – This Directive addresses the criteria for verifying the use of dental claims, including a list of CDT codes and their applicable documentation requirements and/or associated EU clinical policy and coverage guidelines, in which coverage criteria are detailed.

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