Types Of International Environmental Agreements

1.123 Of the five agreements we reviewed, environmental performance expectations (or targets) were clearly established in the case of the Montreal Protocol, the Ozone Annex and, in part, in the case of UNFA, based on the fish stocks examined. 1.72 Marine Inspections. Transport Canada`s Port State Control is a program in which inspections of foreign vessels are conducted at major Canadian ports to ensure compliance with key international law of the sea conventions, including the MARPOL Convention. Transport Canada reports that the share of marine pollution-related defects on ships, including inadequate certificates, flight records, oil records or pollution control equipment, decreased between 1998 and 2002. In 2002, 525 inspections revealed deficiencies and 4.4% of these deficiencies related to marine pollution (compared to 587 inspections and 6% of marine pollution deficiencies in 1998). While the results of the inspection may give a good indication of the application of the Convention, the Department is not in a position to adequately demonstrate whether the reduction in failures has resulted in a decrease in ship releases at sea. Our audit work was conducted primarily from January to May 2004 and focused primarily on the three federal departments responsible for the five agreements: Environment Canada, Transport Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. We reviewed information on the results and results of management services activities that have specific environmental objectives important to the selected agreements. We also asked departments to identify and describe how they applied elements of liability as part of their agreements and to provide supporting documents and documents. During our audit, we interviewed department officers and other selected stakeholders, as well as files, reports and other documents.

The EU has already ratified many international environmental agreements, whether at the global level (multilateral agreements negotiated under the auspices of the United Nations) and at the regional level (for example. B within the framework of the UNITED Nations Economic Commission for Europe or the Council of Europe) and at the sub-regional level (for example. B for the management of seas or cross-border rivers).

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