Mayurbhanj Merger Agreement

In the post-war scenario, elections were held for the Odisha Provincial Assembly, where Congress won a majority. Harekrushna Mahatab was appointed Prime Minister on 3 April 1946. This year, the firm`s mission to India was returned and Mahatab assured that he would raise before it the question of the merger of the “Garajat” states with the new province of Odisha. After India`s independence, Nilgiri was the first Garajat state in Odisha to hear approach sounds. The authorities were forced to merge Nilgiri with Odisha`s administration. After that, Iron Sardar Patel and Harekrushna Mahatab tried to end the separate existence of the native princes. These states then merged with Odisha. The merger agreement was signed between M.K. Velody, then Minister of the Interior, on behalf of the Indian government, and Maharaja Pratap Chandra Bhanj Deo, then pro-chancellor of Utkal University. But there were complaints that the district was not due after the merger. Third, the fire of the accumulated anger of the inhabitants of these regions was definitively extinguished after the total merger of the Garajat States with Odisha. Under the agreement, the government should provide all facilities under the Gadjat regime. Facilities include, railway, medicine, university, high court, bank, etc.

But of these, the district has only one university. Immediately after India`s independence, the situation in Nilgiri became very tense. The king of Nilgiri, to strengthen his position, tried to befriend the tribes. He even told the Adivasis to fight with arrows, arrows and spears against non-Adivasis and burn and destroy their homes. Through such actions, the king believed that he could terrorize the Prajas or the people and force them to seek his protection. He could then impose his will on them, as he had done. But things turned out to be contrary to his expectations. The people were able to see the king`s game and regroup again to revolt against him. This was a rare opportunity for The Prime Minister of Odisha Harekrushna Mahatab. He immediately rushed to Delhi and asked Interior Minister Sardar Patel for permission to merge Nilgiri with Odisha.

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