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Of the 11 ECTS, 5 ECTS are used to calculate the score (depending on your choice, or the highest rated courses). The grades are converted according to the Bavarian formula according to the study regulations. Erasmus – Mobility of Master students from Birzeit University to the Fachhochschule Dortmund (Germany) First, you must obtain the approval of your recruitment authority. Very good English language skills are needed, as is the willingness to adapt to a foreign culture and take on a high level of organizational work. Since 1987, several EU trade programmes have existed within the EU. For example, erasmus allows students to spend part of their studies abroad. The National Agency that organises these exchanges and manages grants is DAAD in Germany. Study Fields: European Master in Project Management, Embedded Systems of Mechatronics, Master of Digital Transformation. In this case, notify the review service of the resignation of the exam. You will receive a certificate of participation at the host university. When you return, you will need to take a replacement exam at HSPV NRW from a teacher of your choice. You are talking to the teacher (oral exam, presentation, report or other). Partner universities usually do not publish courses until shortly before the start of the semester on their home pages.

Please inquire about the courses. For the selection of your partner university, you can refer to the course program of the previous semester. They can only take courses from departments with which HSPV NRW has an exchange agreement. To apply kindly access Ritaj under the Academic Mobility On ILIAS, there is the group “Studies Abroad – Advice and Testimonials” with forums on the various partner universities. Most partner universities have the semi-annual system. The most appropriate period is usually August to December, at the beginning of your 3rd year of study (P4). Students in each AV/R recruitment year will receive an invitation email with an expression of interest form in July of their first year. A selection is made at the reception of applications (criteria: marks). In the experience reports (which are also published in the newsletter), students keep saying that studying abroad has been a unique experience worth every effort.

You will get to know another country from the inside, which is not possible as a tourist. They broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of other cultures, which will be very useful in your later professional life. In short, you learn to see life from another point of view and to organize it independently. With Erasmus, pleasure is also guaranteed! You need a mission permit. You are therefore insured against accidents and you are entitled to help. Before you stay, please check with your health insurance to find out if you need to purchase additional health insurance abroad. Host colleges often require insurance confirmation. Monthly Allowance: $850 per month and 530 – flight ticket Mobility Scope: (See the attached file for more information about the master programs at the Fachhochschule Dortmund) The amount of assistance is a grant for the cost of living.

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