Joint Processor Agreement

If, as a joint manager, you had to pay compensation to one person but were not fully responsible for the damage, you may be able to recover from another manager or subcontractor the portion of the compensation for which you are responsible. 8.1 For the purposes of this clause, a subprocessor is a third party (such as GroupCall) to whom the transfer of personal data shared by Part 2 is made, but is not limited to: Yes. Individuals can seek redress from common controllers, just like any chief. Each common manager is responsible for all the damage caused by the treatment, unless he can prove that he is in no way responsible for the event that caused the damage. The intermediate regime is not relevant to these purposes. 13.1 If this clause applies. This clause 13 applies and prevails when one of the parties to this joint comptroller`s agreement deals with personal data on behalf of the other party of this joint comptroller`s agreement. Within the meaning of this clause 13, the party dealing with personal data on behalf of the other common purveyor is designated as a data processor. In the sense of this clause 13, the processing of data processing by the data processor is designated as responsible for processing.

(i) in the event of termination or expiry of the agreement, for any reason; A real estate management company manages university residences for the owner, the university. The company enters into lease agreements with students on behalf of the university and chases all rent arrears. She collects the rent and hands it to the university after a commission. Companies will be jointly responsible for the personal data processed as part of the draw, as they have both decided on the purpose and means of processing. In addition, joint controllers are fully accountable to the supervisory authorities (for example. B.dem ICO) for not respecting their responsibilities. 8.2 Part 2 does not name subprocessors and does not transmit shared personal data to a subprocessor without the express written permission of Part 1. 8.4 Part 2 separately (if any) manages the business and data management activities of the subprocessors concerned and provides them with personal data that subcontractors can reasonably require with respect to the agreed purposes. The company is a common manager of rental information, including rents. It will decide what information it needs from residents to establish and manage leases, but will share this data with the university. The parties recognize that they are, within the meaning of data protection legislation and at different times, joint managers of the processing and may process personal data on behalf of the other.

Appendix 1 defines the scope and duration of treatment by the parties, the types of personal data and the categories of persons involved. (i) outsourcing the processing of personal data to data processors outside the EEA. 8.5 The instructions given by Part 2 to the respective subprocessors are in accordance with the Data Protection Act and these agreements are formalized as part of a written contract to protect shared personal data. (iv) a periodic review, evaluation and evaluation of the effectiveness of safety measures. 10.1 Parties are strictly required to notify the other party of any possible or actual loss of shared personal data as soon as possible and in all cases within one working day after the finding of a potential or actual loss, so that the parties can consider the necessary measures to resolve the problem in accordance with data protection legislation. 13.2 Data Transformer Responsibilities. The data processor processes this personal data with respect to personal data processed by the data processor as part of the data manager`s performance of its obligations under this common contract: (i) only processes this personal data on the written instruction of the data manager. , to moin

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