Collective Agreement Program Administration

The Government remains committed to entering into collective agreements with all outstanding bargaining units for this round of negotiations, including those represented by the PSAC. other leave, as prescribed by this agreement. Negotiations on new collective agreements for most members began more than a year ago, but the government has repeatedly rejected our reasonable proposals for a fair settlement. In the case of misinterpretation or misuse under agreements reached by the National Joint Council of the Public Service (NJC) on assets that may be included in a collective agreement and approved by the parties to this agreement, the appeals process will be brought into compliance with NJC By-Laws OTTAWA, ON, July 10, 2020 /CNW/ – In accordance with its obligation to enter into agreements that are fair to both workers and reasonable to Canadians, the Canadian government reached an interim agreement on July 9, 2020 with Canada`s largest federal public service union, the Public Service Alliance (PSAC). If ratified, the Canadian government will have reached agreements for this round of negotiations, which will cover nearly 60 per cent of public servants. 23.1 The Commission recognises the right of the association to appoint worker directors, subject to the agreement of both parties in accordance with paragraph 23.2. 48.3 If, under paragraph 48.2, a step in the appeal process is waived, no other level is waived except by mutual agreement. 7.2 The Council makes available to any worker who is a member of the bargaining unit covered by Article 1 on the date of the signing of the agreement a copy of that agreement and a copy of a complementary agreement that amends or amends the agreement and, furthermore, a copy of that agreement is made available to any worker entering the Article 1 bargaining unit. In order to meet the employer`s obligation under this clause, workers can access this agreement electronically. The provisions of the collective agreement are implemented by the parties within one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date of signing. 20.1 Subject to the statutes of the National Joint Council, agreements reached by the National Joint Council of the Public Service on matters that could be incorporated into a collective agreement and approved by the parties to this agreement after December 6, 1978, will be part of this collective agreement, subject to the Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA) and any legislation of Parliament that has been or may be legislated in accordance with Schedule III of the PSLRA. 50.1 NRC`s workforce adjustment policy is part of this collective agreement and is reviewed and negotiated by the signatories of the directive in accordance with the terms of the directive.

56.2 Under no circumstances can the maximum compensation provided for in this article be pyramided. For greater security, payments under paragraphs 56.9 to 56.12 of Schedule A or similar provisions in other collective agreements are considered a termination benefit for the management of this clause.

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