Asg Jurisdiction Agreement

The restrictions set out in this section 10 do not limit or exclude liability in the event of gross negligence, fraud or intentional misconduct by LAG or other parties to the GSA, or other matters in which liability cannot be excluded or limited by existing legislation. In addition, some jurisdictions do not allow for the exclusion or limitation of secondary or consecutive damages, so the restrictions or exclusions mentioned above may not apply to you. The maximum guarantee to be granted may vary from country to country depending on whether the owner has the right to limit the statutes or conventions applicable to that jurisdiction. Such limits arise from the negotiation of quantum in mind to ensure that it does not exceed the legal limits of local legislation. It is very unlikely that the guarantee will go beyond the value of the asset held, that is, the ship. Under this agreement, you have the right to use the website and download material from this website only for your personal and non-commercial use. Material downloaded from this website may be displayed for your personal and non-commercial use, provided that the material is not modified and all indications are maintained without modification, including copyright, trademarks and other indications. It also depends on local legislation. In legal systems, arrest for the enforcement of arbitration awards is not technically permissible. However, the Hong Kong courts have decided that an arrest will not be quashed if the claim is invoked as one of the aforementioned categories of “maritime claims”. This is because the parties actually brought against the ship do not pass at the owner`s personal price and remain available until the premium is met (see handytankers KS/MV Alas [2014] KHCFI 1281 and The Rena K [1979] QB 337).

The ASG has developed standard formulations to help members and their clients deal with frequent maritime issues, particularly issues related to the provision of security and jurisdiction. The ASG recommends the use of these documents either in an unchanged form or as an adaptation framework. Standard formulations are regularly revised. Whether a ship can be stopped to support foreign arbitration and legal proceedings depends on local legislation. In most common law countries, a foreign arbitration support vessel can be stopped. With regard to foreign judicial proceedings, some common law courts, such as Singapore, do not allow such arrests. This agreement is concluded by and between you, the user and the ASG. By using this site, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the terms of this Agreement. You state that you are legally in a position to enter into a contract and that you enter into that contract in law, while agreeing to respect and be bound by the terms of this contract. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE OR DOWNLOAD MATERIAL FROM THIS WEBSITE. Dispute resolution. With the exception of minors for whom you or ASG are attempting to sue individually in a small claims court in the county of your billing address, or in the event of a dispute in which you or ASG seek fair remedies for the allegedly illegal use of intellectual property, you and ASG waive your rights to a jury trial and bring all litigation arising from these conditions or services.

Instead, In the event of a dispute or claim you have against ASG or in any way with the Services, including disputes or claims related to data protection or data security, you agree to contact ASG first and try to resolve the claim informally by sending a written notification of your claim (“notification”) by email to [email protected] or by email certified at 1333 N California Blv. Suite 448 Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

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